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SN Films - Film Institute & Production House

SN Films is a production house based in Kolkata and Hooghly having head office at Chandannagar, along with Film Institute named snfpa (SN Films Performing Arts). We provide video shooting, editing, audio recording services at SN Films. snfpa is well known for providing international standard acting, singing, dance and film making courses, along with recitation and spoken English classes. We produce variety of Bengali / Hindi feature and short movies, web series, music and recitation videos.
Nirbhaya justice - finally.
Nirbhaya justice - finally.

2012 to 2020! #JUSTICE Finally... #Nirbhaya convicts #hanged today 5:31 AM.
Time to rethink about our system and loopholes - time to improve. Time to vow to fight against social illness whether it's physical like #corona or mental like #rape.
Stay safe - physically and mentally.